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How to Get Married in Ireland

To get married in Ireland you will need to get a marriage registration form. You get this from a HSE (Health Service Executive) civil registration service. It is sometimes called a marriage licence. A marriage licence is needed for all civil, religious or secular marriages in Ireland. There is a fee of €200 to get your marriage licence.

You bring the marriage registration form to your marriage ceremony. The person marrying you will sign the form. You will then send back the signed marriage forms within 30 days after your wedding day and use it to register your marriage and get your Marriage Certificate.

To get a marriage registration form you need to give your local civil registration office at least 3 months' notice of your intent to marry. To do this you need to book a marriage notification appointment. The registry offices are very busy at present so they recommend to now do this 9-12 months prior to your wedding ceremony.

The 3 months' notice starts from the date of your marriage notification appointment.

You cannot get married until after the 3 month notice period.

Both parties MUST attend the notification appointment in person.

You can book your marriage notification appointment online HERE but it is recommended to phone the registry office of your choice and make your appointment this way (the online system doesn't always show available appointments)

I am registered to perform legal ceremonies in all 32 counties. For legal marriages taking place in Northern Ireland please click HERE for more information.

For a marriage to be legal in Ireland, a solemniser must perform your ceremony.

The solemniser must be on the register of solemnisers. I am a registered solemniser with Entheos Ireland and I can perform legal ceremonies 7 days a week. Entheos Ireland is a wonderful, non-denominational religious body, which gives us the freedom to perform ceremonies for people of all faiths and/or none.

When you are booking your marriage notification appointment and naming me as your solemniser, you will choose Religious/Secular on the DATA CAPTURE FORM. This is to allow us as solemnisers with Entheos Ireland to be inclusive to all couples regardless of their religious beliefs. We solemnise marriages for people of all faiths and none.

You will find a list of all documents you will be required to bring with you to your marriage notification appointment in this checklist from the HSE website here

Once you have attended your marriage notification appointment in person at the registry office of your choice (you can choose any office in any county) the registrar will present you with your Marriage Registration Forms (MRF) or you might know this as being commonly referred to as "The Green Folder". These legal forms are very important and must be kept safe until your wedding day. The Green Folder must be presented to your solemniser on the day, prior to your ceremony starting, so they can check all details are correct.

These legal forms are what you will sign on your wedding day at the end of your ceremony, along with your two witnesses (who must be over the age of 18) and your solemniser.

If you have any questions in relation to any of the above information please do not hesitate to contact me anytime

You can use the contact form on my homepage if you wish to check availability for your ceremony

Andrea x

(The above information is in most part taken from the HSE website)


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