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Ceremony Enhancements 

Celebrant Andrea performs a handfasting ceremony with bride and groom with gold and green ribbons during an outdoor ceremony


Handtying is an ancient Celtic Tradition that dates back thousands of years. It was originally used to symbolise a betrothal. The engagement would last a year and a day and at the end of that term the couple would decide to marry or go their separate ways.The hands, or wrists, are tied together using ribbons or cords. The practice gave way to the expression “tying the knot” which now means getting married.Usually ribbon or cord is used but some couples choose to use fabric or lace which has some special meaning to them. Their hands are bound by the ribbons and once the binding has been completed the couple then keep the knotted fabric as a symbol or their commitment and their wedding day.


Unity Candle 

The Unity Candle Ceremony is a relatively new trend in Wedding Ceremonies. It symbolises the joining together of two families, and their love for the couple, into one united family.There are 3 candles used, one main candle and two smaller ones on either side. It is popular for the mothers/parents of the couple to each light one of the smaller candles and then the couple will each hold their family’s candle and light the main candle together. The beauty of the two flames coming together is quite special. You can choose to recite some words during the ceremony, or your Celebrant can do this for you.


Rose Ceremony

During the Rose Ceremony the couple exchange two roses. This symbolises the giving and receiving of their love for one another now and for the rest of their married life together.

The Rose is a symbol of love. 

You could also adapt this lovely ceremony and perhaps include your mothers or another family member in the ceremony. 

This is an elegant enhancement that is sure to bring some extra romance to any ceremony.


Sand Ceremony

The Unity Sand Ceremony is a variation on the Unity Candle Ceremony. It is a tradition full of symbolism.The couple each pour a coloured sand from a smaller vessel into one larger vessel. As the grains of sand intertwine it symbolises the joining together of the two people into one family through marriage.This is a particularly lovely enhancement to include in your ceremony for blended families with children.The vessel full of sand makes a beautiful keepsake to have in your family home. 


Ring Warming

This beautiful ritual is also known as the Blessing of the Rings.  

Your wedding rings are passed around your chosen guests and warmed with their love, blessings and positive energy.  When the rings are returned to the Best Man in time for the ring exchange, they contain something immensely powerful and very precious; the love and blessings from those whom you love.  


Wine Box & Love Letter

If you and your fiancé love wine then this may be the perfect ceremony enhancement for you!

During this ceremony a box of wine is enclosed in usually a wooden box, personalised if you wish. You could also write a love letter to each other and place it in the box also. 

During this ceremony you are celebrating your love for one another on your wedding day and then again on an anniversary in the future. On your 1st or 5th anniversary for example, you would open the box and drink the wine together and read each others letters. Just make sure you pick a bottle of wine that will stand the test of time!

Celebrant Andrea wearing a green long sleeve dress stands with the bride and groom during their ceremony

Photo credit: Bronte Photography 

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