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Naming Ceremonies

Congratulations on welcoming your new baby in to the world! Becoming a parent is one of the most momentous occasions in your life. 

As a Mum to two small boys I know just how amazing it is to bring them into the world and to want to welcome them and introduce them to all your family and friends in a truly special and unique way. 

Many parents are now choosing to have a Baby Naming Ceremony to celebrate their new arrival, in a way more suited to their beliefs. It is a beautiful alternative to a traditional Christening. Some couples choose to do a Naming Ceremony as well as a Christening. Either way is perfect! 


A Baby Naming Ceremony, or Naming Day, is a gathering of all the people who will play a role in your baby/child's life, to formally introduce them to the baby or child, welcome the baby or child into their family and their community and to give friends and family a chance to give their blessings and good wishes to the baby/child. 

There are many beautiful ways to enhance this type of ceremony. Music or poetry, the Parent's Dedication, appointing a Guardian, Baby's Hand and Footprints, a wishing tree, a candle ceremony, a sand blending ceremony, to name just a few.

Naming Days are also a wonderful ceremony for families welcoming in an adopted child, foster families, two families coming together as one bringing children with them from both families. Naming Days can also be used for a name change. You can also have a Coming of Age ceremony or a Milestone Ceremony such as an alternative to a Communion or Confirmation, 

Pop me an email and I can send you through my Naming Ceremony brochure.


Together we can plan the most perfect Naming Day. 

Naming Day package price €350.00 - Including Travel

A newborn baby boy lies on a cream blanket with his hands behind his head
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